Chantel Trujillo

M.A. Student

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Chantel Trujillo was raised along the acequias of the Rio Grande in Tomé, New Mexico. She grew up understanding the importance of cultural expression and preservation and is an advocate for ethnic studies programs, beginning in early childhood. She believes that the lack of access to ethnic studies is a form of genocide and plans to hold schools accountable when they are not answering to the demand for ethnic studies.

Her heart is completely invested in social justice work. Her research interests include issues of social justice (locally and internationally), culturally relevant models and pedagogies, and land/water sustainability initiatives in New Mexico.

Chantel is an organizer, a mentor, and an educator in the community, and she is thrilled and honored to have been accepted as part of the Inaugural M.A. Cohort in Chicana and Chicano Studies at The University of New Mexico.