Frank Pancho Aviles

Ph.D. Student

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My name is Frank Pancho Aviles, son of Fructuoso Aviles and Maria Aviles (Reyes).

I grew up working in the fields picking grapes, oranges, lemons, olives, cucumbers, pecans, walnuts, and chopping weeds alongside my parents, five sisters and three brothers, and I'm a first-generation college student.

Over the years, I've served as a counselor, an educator, an advocate, and a writer in the migrant education, health education, mental health, LGBTQ2, and library professions, providing support to Mexican, Native American, African American, and underserved communities in general.

My research incorporates both my Chicanx and Lipan Apache identities. The current focus of my research is Indigenous and Chicanx masculinities.

Another one of my interests is Native American and Mexican genealogical research. I devote time to finding hidden documents of Indigenous ancestors in Mexican Church records.

My educational background includes a BA in Mathematics with a minor in La Raza Studies, an MA in Information Resources and Library Sciences, and a PhD in Communication and Information.