Gustavo García

Ph.D. Student

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Gustavo García is a first generation Xicano Zapotec that was born and raised in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

His family is from the Central Valley of Oaxaca from a community named San Baltazar Chichicapam.

He first started his educational journey at Santa Monica Community College where he received an AA in Social and Behavior Science.

After four years of full-time school and work, he transferred to the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and graduated with BAs in Chicanx and American Indian Studies. Spring of 2019, he received his MA in American Studies at the University of New Mexico.  

Now as a PhD student in the department of Chicana/o Studies, his research interests engages with the intersections of Chicanx and Indigenous Studies to examine questions around coloniality/decolonization, Indigenous migration, Zapotec Studies, and Indigenous social movements.

In addition, he participates in various undergraduate/graduate student organizations, Danza Azteca and Son Jarocho.