Jorge García

Ph.D. Student

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Baccalaureate degree in Sociology, Master of Arts in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies & Master of Business Administration 

I was born and raised in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. 

I grew up Chicago where I obtained an AS degree in mathematics with an emphasis in philosophy. 

In 1999, I obtained an undergraduate degree in sociology with an emphasis in theory, history, and power structures. 

In 2004 I obtained a master’s degree in Language Literacy and Sociocultural education with an emphasis on transnational networks.

In 2015 I obtained an MBA from UNM with a focus on international education. 

I also spent 3 semesters in Regional Planning where I studied community development and planning.  This experience led me to co-found La Plazita Institute, a community space for gang prevention, community meetings, and youth programs. 

From 2000 to 2010, I worked and managed the Iberoamerican Science Technology and Education Consortium (ISTEC), a center for network building with an emphasis on research in microelectronics. 

I am the founder and Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Center for Social Sustainable Systems (CESOSS) a non-for-profit community-based research and learning center that is serving our local community of Atrisco (South Valley).

Much of the work I do, both at the university and community level, is being done under three distinct theoretical frameworks: complex systems, critical consciousness, and network development. 

I have developed the Quadruple Helix (4H), which is a social paradigm to facilitate communication and strategic alliances between industry, goverment, academia, and multinational organizations to support the cultural, political, social, and economic develoment of local communities. 

I am deeply involved in my culture.  I have focused my studies, and currently use, Mesoamerican calendars, Mexican thought and symbolism.

My main goal at El Centro de la Raza is to empower underprivileged students and focus on issues related to identity, intercultural studies, and social entrepreneurship.