Patricia Roybal Caballero

Ph.D. Student

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Patricia Roybal Caballero, is a New Mexico State Representative, first elected 2012 re-elected 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 and most recently in 2022; She is the former New Mexico House Democratic Caucus Chair and current National Treasurer of National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators (NHCSL), immediate past National Treasurer of LULAC (National League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest Latino Civil Rights Organization, founded in 1929) Patricia is a 22 + generation Native New Mexican and tribal member of Piro Manso Tiwa Tribe, Pueblo of San Juan de Guadalupe, in Las Cruces, and is married to R. Carlos Caballero, former, New Mexico Public Education Commissioner, Dist. 1 and Mother of two adult sons, Yusef Sutton (television producer) daughter-in-law, Liliana Reeves Sutton (Bank Vice President), and Celestino Caballero (Independent Entrepreneur), and grandmother of grandsons, Yusef II and Nasir Phillipe Sutton and Evander Alaire Caballero and Jaylen Caballero, Brenda Gonzalez & Celestino Caballero, parents to Evander & Jaylen Caballero Patricia is an original founder of MEChA and Chicano Studies at the University of Texas at El Paso in 1969 and 1970 respectively. She began her community activism in the United Farm Worker/AFL-CIO and is a lifelong community and labor organizer and a certified community economic, housing and business developer, specializing in neighborhood and indigenous planning.


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Course(s) Offered

Introduction to Chicana/o Studies

Research Interests

Patricia completed her Ph.D course studies in the UNM American Studies Program and transferred to UNM CCS Ph.D program when the program was finally approved in 2019. She is working on her Memoir as her dissertation tracing her lived experiences leading up to her Chicana Indigeneous activism as a founder of Chicano Studies and continuing her activism as a public servant. Her research interest includes examining the social cultural factors in lived experiences impacting social justice activism in community organizing and community development.

Research Topics

Community Participatory Approaches | Cultural studies | Politics and Social Justice