Designed to enrich the University community at large, the Chicano Hispano Mexicano Studies Program offers a broad selection of courses exploring the rich historical and cultural tapestry of Chicano/Mexicano/Latino experience throughout the US and Hispanic World. The program uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine the historical, political, social, educational, economic, artistic, and cultural developments that affect the Chicano and other Latino communities in the United States. Further, the program allows students to analyze the mainstream U.S. society from the perspective of a linguistic, ethnic, and cultural minority within a contemporary cultural studies framework. The program provides students with opportunities to assist community organizations, thereby gaining invaluable professional experience. The program helps students to secure scholarships to study in Mexico, Spain and Latin America, enabling students to improve their Spanish language fluency, increase the knowledge of contemporary Hispanic cultures and of the vital interactions between New Mexico populations and their communities of origin. The education offered by the program enables students to assume leadership roles in our multicultural society and global economy.

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CHMS and other units at UNM prepared a statement on legislation adopted by the state of Arizona in 2010 regarding ethnic studies programs and immigration enforcement. A PDF version of this statement is here

Also, please visit the Julian Samora Legacy Project for historical information on civil rights and the chicano movement.

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