Digital Cuentos

The Digital Cuentos project is a compilation of audio visual narratives published by students enrolled through the New Mexico Villages and Cultural Landscapes and New Mexico’s Literary Landscape classes under the supervision of Levi Romero, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at UNM. Students were asked to interview a family or community member in a resolana style dialogue. The primary focus of the assignment was to foster conversations between students and people in their lives whose knowledge, wisdom, and histories have been overshadowed by the student’s emphasis on academic study. Inspired by course readings in Resolana: Emerging Chicano Dialogues On Community, students reclaimed personal histories through platicas with family elders and plain ordinary folk who had lived remarkable lives. These written documentations were then transformed into digital stories that reflect current creativities in Chicano/a Studies. The interdisciplinary and documentary studies initiative in CCS addresses contemporary issues and concerns of preservation and sustainability through the physical and cultural mapping of the human terrain. We hope you will enjoy the digital cuentos and be inspired to reflect, document, and most importantly, engage in a platica with someone who is dying to tell you their story.

Check out Professor Romero’s interview about the Digital Cuentos project with the Albuquerque Journal here.

Digital Cuentos Archive

Spring 2015

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*The Digital Cuentos archived here were produced as part of class project and are not intended for commercial purposes of any kind.