CCS Student Organization

Building a stronger community enriched with culture.

Mission Statement

CCSTo promote a critical understanding of Chicano, Mexicano, Hispano, and Indigenous communities to the University and bridge the gaps between all ethnic studies groups on campus.  To be honest, loyal and show academic excellence as we represent the Chicano Studies Program at the University of New Mexico.


Our goals are simple and easy.

  • To create a family like bond in our group.
  • To bridge the gaps both in sexual orientation, race and gender.
  • To accept all students both undergraduate and graduate.
  • To help the Chicana/o Studies Program become a department.
  • Lastly, to be involved with and serve our communities.
  • Can be a Undergraduate or Graduate student from UNM or CNM or community member.
  • Has to do at least 12 hours a semester of community service.  (This can be done through the events we will hold during the semester and the events we attend).
  • We accept all races, genders and sexual orientation.  It doesn’t matter what race or gender or sexual orientation you are as long as you want to be involved.

Contact Us

In you are interested in joining our organization, please contact Antoinette Rael at (505) 277-6414.