Welcome to the Chicana and Chicano Studies Graduate Program!

Message from the Director of Graduate Program

With gratitude to those whose land we occupy and with gratitude to all our predecessors who, since 1968, envisioned the moment we are living today, it is with excitement and joy that I extend a warm Chicana and Chicano Studies welcome to our graduate cohorts! Following decades of dreaming, organizing, anticipating, planning, and preparing on behalf of generations of committed community and academic leaders, in Fall 2019 we welcomed our first cohort of 6 PhD students and 7 MA students.  We have been busy and productive since we launched MA and PhD Programs and they continued to grow.  Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • Students were paired with interim advisors or faculty members set to offer social and academic support as preparation for students selecting “permanent” advisory committees;
  • Students also were paired with a “buddies” or experienced fellow students set to help mentees integrate into our departmental and UNM communities;
  • Our curriculum has expanded to enable students to have a rich array of courses for planning their programs of study;
  • We held and will hold 3-day mandatory graduate orientation the week before fall classes so that students have the necessary knowledge about the myriad material, service, and human resources that they have available to help them succeed in their graduate journeys;
  • We held and will hold monthly Professional Development Meetings for continued support to graduate students in a variety of areas, including:  teaching and learning, setting goals and objectives, writing, conferences, mentoring, funding, and managing time and stress;
  • Graduate students now may enjoy a furnished graduate lounge so that they have their own space for meeting, studying, and working;
  • Current graduate students led a successful effort to charter a CCS Graduate Student organization;
  • CCS faculty have ratified a Graduate Student Handbook that includes rubrics for Comprehensive Examinations, MA theses, PhD dissertations, and PhD dissertation defenses.

Thank you to all who made and are making the Chicana and Chicano Studies Graduate Program possible. ¡Saludos, estudiantes de posgrado!

Patricia O. Covarrubias, PhD

Professor and Director of Graduate Program

Application Process

Applicants to the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department graduate program will submit all required application materials, except for official transcripts, through the online application process. The faculty admissions committee meets to evaluate applications once a year. The deadline for receipt of all application materials will be January 15 for the next fall semester.

Applicants should complete and submit an online application at http://grad.unm.edu/graduate-programs/grad-app.html

Application Fee: $50.00

Some application fee waivers accepted.

The Application Fee Waiver Request form (http://grad.unm.edu/resources/gs-forms/documents/application-fee-waiver.pdf) with appended documentation is required.

Applications must include the following:

  • A substantive letter of intent (3-5, double-spaced pages) summarizing prior academic training and explaining current academic and professional objectives. The letter of intent should focus on scholarly and research interests and how they relate to the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies.
  • Three letters of recommendation (a Departmental requirement which must be received by December 15).
  • A sample of recent written work, preferably academic work, not to exceed 30 pages.
  • One unofficial copy of transcript(s) from the university where the student received their BA and/or MA degree(s).
  • One official copy of transcripts from all post-secondary work should be sent to the following address: The University of New Mexico, Office of Admissions, Attn: Graduate Admissions, PO Box 4895, Albuquerque, NM 87196-4895