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Laura E. Belmonte

Photo: Laura E. Belmonte

Assistant Professor



B.A. Education, University of New Mexico, 2009
M.A. Spanish, University of New Mexico, 2011
Ph.D. Spanish, concentration in Chicana/o Literature and Culture, Arizona State University, 2016

Professor Belmonte's research focus is spirituality and religious expression in transnational and feminist literature and culture. Her dissertation is titled “The Fight for Dignity: Spiritualities and Religious Expression in Chicana/o Cultural Production from 1960s-2010s” which analyzes the spiritual and religious cultural production of Chicanas and Chicanos since the Chicana/o Movement. Her ongoing research is on the cultural exchange and fluidity that exists along the Borderlands, particularly how these cultural exchanges manifest in Chicana feminist literature and expression, as well as spiritual hybridities in the Chicana/o experience. In her publication “El mestizaje espiritual y Xicanista representado en la literatura chicana contemporánea mediante las obras de Estela Portillo Trambley, Helena María Viramontes, Ana Castillo y Stella Pope Duarte” Professor Belmonte explores the ways in which women support each other through spiritual acts of healing, prayer, and leadership when there is violence and disease in the home or community. Currently she is studying the new 2017 Sanctuary Movement, and looking back at the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s through the writing of Demetria Martínez, a poet and journalist who aided Salvadoran refugees. Professor Belmonte has been teaching Cultural Studies online for several years. Along with extensive experience teaching online, Professor Belmonte began her career teaching in Spanish: in graduate school she taught Spanish for heritage speaker for several years, and at UNM she taught a survey course of Chicana and Chicano literature in Spanish in Spring 2015


Introduction to Chicana and Chicano Studies
Chicana and Chicano Cultural Studies
Literatura MexicoAmericana
Escritoras Chicanas