Celina Peña

M.A. Student

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Celina Peña is a transfer student from Los Angeles, California.

Celina completed her B.A. in American Studies & Chicanx Studies at the University of New Mexico.

While studying in Califas, Celina served on many boards to look at Equity & Inclusion issues within her Community College district and through her close collaborations at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). Celina has done advocacy work for prison education and abolition, Title XI advocacy for Parenting students, and has spoken and coordinated many panels on diversity, safety for students of color in college, and many other topics.

Celina’s thesis in Chicano Studies

Celina is examining the roles of women, specifically mothers in Chicanx & Mexican folklore stories.

When Celina is not working on her academics, you can find her and her daughter Serenity eating ice cream on their balcony, watching a movie or exploring the Bosque.

When she is finished with her master’s here in UNM, Celina plans to continue her education and pursue a PhD, and eventually establish a career as a professor or working with Equity & Inclusion issues back in Los Angeles.