Matthew David Goodwin

Photo: Matthew David Goodwin

Assistant Professor


Matthew David Goodwin has a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His research is centered on Chicanx/Latinx speculative fiction, in particular how Chicanx/Latinx writers are using science fiction, fantasy, and digital culture to explore migration.  His study The Latinx Files: Race, Migration, and Space Aliens was released through Rutgers University Press in 2021. His research is intertwined with work as an editor and translator of fiction anthologies. He is the editor of Latinx Rising: An Anthology of Latinx Science Fiction and Fantasy and the co-editor of the collection Speculative Fiction for Dreamers (both with Ohio State University Press). These anthologies show how significant the speculative arts have been to Chicanx/Latinx literature as well as highlighting the many contemporary authors who are writing in these genres.