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Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of New Mexico is a comprehensive academic department whose purpose is to advance a critical understanding of Chicanx, nuevomexicano, transnational Mexicano peoples and communities through teaching, research, and advocacy. CCS is an integral academic unit in UNM’s effort to advance New Mexico, offer student experience and educational innovation, and model inclusive excellence. Because our program resides at the flagship institution of the state that has the largest percentage of Hispanics in the country, this mission is integral to furthering the understanding of New Mexico’s present and the nation’s future. In keeping with the mission, the department offers graduate and undergraduate degrees, including in-person, online, and hybrid BA, MA, and PhD degrees and minor and Master’s certificate programs. Our faculty and students engage in teaching, research, and service guided by the goal of creating new knowledge for communities and future generations. 


Chicana and Chicano Studies is an intellectually and community-engaged academic department cultivating research excellence, tea

ching innovations, and service engagements across communities and generations. Our stakeholders aspire to strengthen the value of life-giving knowledge, cultural awareness, and historical understanding held in communities. We inspire new research through collaborative community relationships that support community transformation and empowerment.   

Research Excellence 

In the region, Chicana and Chicano Studies is the central and leading voice on the national and international confluences of Chicana/o Latina/o literary, historical, and rhetorical cultural and civil and rights expressions of diverse populations of AfroLatino, Chicanx, Indigenous, nuevomexicana/o, and women among and across all these social groups. CCS has a public advocacy research strength in the efficacy of Ethnic Studies and its interaction with K-12 populations. In support of local communities, CCS’ New Mexican Cultural Landscapes program focuses on the indelible Indo-Hispano historical and cultural imprints across the Western Hemisphere. On a transnational level, CCS nurtures the study and practice of traditional healing through the highly successful Curanderismo program. 

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