Welcome to the Chicana and Chicano Studies Graduate Program!

Application Process

Applicants to the Chicana and Chicano Studies Department graduate program will submit all required application materials, except for official transcripts, through the online application process. The faculty admissions committee meets to evaluate applications once a year. The deadline for receipt of all application materials will be January 15 for the next fall semester.

Applicants should complete and submit an online application at http://grad.unm.edu/graduate-programs/grad-app.html

Application Fee: $50.00

Some application fee waivers accepted.

The Application Fee Waiver Request form (http://grad.unm.edu/resources/gs-forms/documents/application-fee-waiver.pdf) with appended documentation is required.

Applications must include the following:

  • A substantive letter of intent (3-5, double-spaced pages) summarizing prior academic training and explaining current academic and professional objectives. The letter of intent should focus on scholarly and research interests and how they relate to the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Three letters of recommendation (a Departmental requirement which must be received by January 15)
  • A sample of recent written work, preferably academic work, not to exceed 30 pages
  • One unofficial copy of transcript(s) from the university where the student received their BA and/or MA degree(s)
  • One official copy of transcripts from all post-secondary work

Send the above to the following address:

The University of New Mexico
Office of Admissions
Attn: Graduate Admissions
PO Box 4895
Albuquerque NM 87196-4895

Person of contact for questions:

Rebecca Martinez-Baca
Coordinator of Graduate Programs