Frank Aviles

M.A. Student

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My name is Frank Pancho Aviles, proud son of Fructuoso Aviles and Maria Aviles (Reyes).

I grew up working in the fields picking grapes, oranges, lemons, cucumbers, pecans, walnuts, and chopping weeds alongside my parents, five sisters and three brothers.

In my adult life, I've served as a counselor, an educator, an advocate, a writer and an assistant in the migrant education, mental health, HIV, LGBTQ, and library professions.

My main interest of study is Queer ChicanX research. Over the past year, in my Chicana and Chicano Studies courses at UNM, I’ve explored the topics of oppositional masculinities, disidentification, and postcolonialism within the context of queer ChicanX identity.

One of my main hobbies is Mexican genealogy. I love deciphering (and searching for clues in) the old handwritten historical church and civil documents of Mexico.