Elizabeth González Cárdenas

Photo: Elizabeth  González Cárdenas

Assistant Professor



Dr. Elizabeth González Cárdenas was born and raised in Boyle Heights, California. Her family migrated to East Los Angeles in the early 1960s from México. Dr. González Cárdenas was also a community college student who majored in Chicana Chicano Studies, which led her to her research and teaching interests. 


Dr. González Cárdenas’ approach to her research is multi-disciplinary and incorporates the fields of education, sociology, and history to examine the efficacy of Chicana Chicano Studies curriculum and pedagogy. Using oral interviews and archival research, her findings demonstrate that participants developed and maintain a social justice ethos within their careers, family, and community. Her research also demonstrates that Chicana Chicano Studies provides culturally relevant support towards students when obtaining their baccalaureate degrees. Participants in her research also credit Chicana Chicano Studies for their post-baccalaureate attainment and careers.  


Dr. González Cárdenas has published research on community-based learning in Chicana Chicano Studies and is currently researching the intellectual, curricular, pedagogical, and research impact of Chicana Chicano Studies. In addition to her research, Dr. González Cárdenas taught K-Graduate School in California public schools from 2000-2019 that include LAUSD, LBUSD, CSU, UC, and LACCD systems. 


Dr. González Cárdenas’ research interests include the following: Chicana/Chicano Latina/Latino Educational Access and Equity, Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Pedagogy, History of Education, Student Educational Movements, Sociology of Education, Chicana and Women of Color Feminism and Epistemologies, Critical Race Theory, and Latina/Latino Critical Theory. 


  • Introduction to Chicana Chicano Studies
  • Chicana Feminisms