College Preparation Program

Chicana and Chicano Studies (University of New Mexico), in partnership with 6 Albuquerque Public Schools (APS), offers a College Preparation program (CPP). CPP offers culturally and linguistically-centered teaching and learning opportunities in order to increase college admission and college degree attainment for New Mexicans. 

CCS offers 6 credits of UNM core credit and 3 elective credit hours in Ethnic Studies 

CCS offers two UNM core courses for a total of 6 units at Albuquerque High School, Atrisco Heritage Academy, Career Enrichment Center, Highland High School, and Mark Armijo Charter school, Robert F. Kennedy High school. Students enroll in CCS 201 Introduction to Chicano Studies and CCS 109 Introduction to Ethnic Studies. Over 350 high school students have enrolled in the CPP. 

Over the past four years 441 students have enrolled in UNM Chicana and Chicano Studies dual enrollment core courses. In fall 2016, the College Preparation Program began at three of the largest APS high schools including Albuquerque High School, Atrisco High School and Highland High School. From Fall 2016 to Fall 2019, the program enrollments expanded by 145% and now include students from the Career Enrichment Center, Robert F. Kennedy High School and Mark Armijo High School. 

Our educational framework is rooted in the interdisciplinary field of Chicana and Chicano Studies and multidisciplinary field of Ethnic Studies. 

Download a sample unit plan from our College Prep Teacher Team here: Immigration, Migration, Transnationalism, and Globalization