Student-Made Zines

Students create self-published magazines, or zines, for their final project in the CCST 2110 Introduction to Chicanx Studies course instructed by Dominique Rodríguez, a PhD student in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies. This medium allows students to create rich, multi-media conversations about topics of their choosing related to Chicana/o/x Studies.

Presented here are a selection of the final projects from past students in the CCST 2110 course.

Fall 2023

  1. Brooke Baeza
  2. Abigail Hannig
  3. Jackie Marez-Chavez
  4. Kari Onofre
  5. Claudia Perez
  6. Ophelia Pulley
  7. Joaquin Quintana
  8. Mariah Quintana

Spring 2023

  1. Adilene Martinez
  2. Adriano Carmano
  3. Angelique Romero
  4. Elizabeth Silva
  5. Leslie Trejo
  6. Zachary Weinrich

Fall 2022

  1. Carmen Chavez
  2. Adiana Cordova
  3. Sadie Hopkins
  4. Sara Morales
  5. Andres Moreno
  6. Jennifer Ortega
  7. Sage Rios Sargent
  8. Alex Rodriguez
  9. Estevan Valencia
  10. Yulet Villafuerte