Diahndra Grill

M.A. Student

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Diahndra Grill is a multimedia artist, educator, and feminista.

She is the co-founder of JustWrite (nowrongjustwrite.org), a non-profit organization focused in the education sector and in collaboration with those incarcerated and in transition, engaging visual and literary arts as catalysts for self-discovery, healing, cultural and self preservation, and community building.

Diahndra is the Program Manager for the UNM Film & Digital Arts Department. She also serves on the SAFE House Board of Directors, an organization that shelters and empowers survivors of intimate partner domestic violence and works to improve the way New Mexico responds to violence.

Diahndra’s art reflects the personal/political experience while engaging the power of interwoven relationships and storytelling to dismantle borders and to sustain and reimagine identity, culture, and purpose.